Golden Comfort Tunisia Company

« Always with you…towards the future …. ».
To equip your home with us is to have a glance into the future comfort.

GOLDEN COMFORT TUNISIA is a company specialized in the assembly of appliances. As part of a large range of commercial and industrial projects which has a successful history of over twenty years, and thanks to its highly qualified staff, GOLDEN COMFORT TUNISIA managed to gain a foothold on the market on the local market in full development and to expand towards international markets.

Managed by Mr. ABDESSALEM ZROUGA since its launch in 2011, GOLDEN COMFORT TUNISIA works on ambitious perspectives, a study of coherent market and an experienced and talented team in high tech innovations in order to overcome the challenges of a difficult economic period. GOLDEN COMFORT TUNISIA has considered an increased demand and a large potential customer to satisfy.

Through its chain of retail outlet, GOLDEN COMFORT TUNISIA ensures the marketing and the purchase of appliances with an after sales service, such as: built-in ovens, cooking stoves, cooktops, food processors, heaters, and hair dryers.

GOLDEN COMFORT TUNISIA develops its website in order to be closer to its customers and to keep unpdating them with its latest news: the latest innovations on its existing products, new products, promotions and its participation in seminars, conferences and national and international fairs.

Ensure your kind host, refine the selection, give the advice, guarantee efficiency, proximity and service ...
Golden Comfort Tunisia is « Always with you… towards the future »

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